Helping teens navigate transitioning

from teenager to adult.

Being a teenager doesn’t have to be

a complex whirlwind of emotions and missteps

Tahira supports teen girls

in accomplishing their goals

Tahira is a trusted mentor and positive role model

to connect with your teen girl

Find out 15 Essential life lessons your daughter needs Before high school graduation!

Tahira Bell

 Meet Teen Life Coach Tahira Bell

Being a teenager doesn’t have to be a complex whirlwind of emotions and missteps. My skills as a teen life coach  will help your teen confidently navigate the transition into young adulthood. My expertise lies in empowering your teen to develop a plan for the future she envisions where she loves and values herself!

“As a teen life coach, I strive to open the lines of communication with each girl I meet. As I learn and understand their goals, I keep them accountable and help them approach any challenges with confidence.”



I provide high-energy speaking engagements all across the country. My mission is to impact the young women and help them become the best version of themselves.


Coaching sessions are a safe place for teen girls. I help teens learn to make empowering decisions!  To learn more and apply for a complimentary “coaching chat.”


We can help parents get connected and stay connected with their teen daughters. We provide proven services step by step to help your daughter succeed.

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From Teens to Adults

The Benefits of Life Coaching for Teens

Coaching sessions provide teen girls with a safe, non-judgmental place to be heard. I can truly connect with girls because I know and understand the issues that they are facing. My coaching techniques can support a meaningful connection to develop between myself and your teen. She will have an adult she can trust and confide in who will offer insight and a new perspective on common teenage challenges.

Parent Coaching

Sometimes parents need insight in order to better understand their teenage daughters. My tips, tools, and resources will help you communicate and form a stronger connection with your teenager. Together we can support, motivate, and encourage her to make better choices as she increasingly tries to assert her independence.

15 essential life lessons your daughter needs before high school graduation

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