What is a Teen Life Coach?

As your teenager’s coach, I will help her navigate the often difficult transition from teenager to adult. I will support her discovery of herself and the vision for her life. In our coaching sessions, we focus on developing her strengths and use creative tools and strategies to help her face challenges and obstacles with confidence. She will learn how to make empowering decisions with a focus on her positive and successful future.

“This is money well spent at a crucial time in her development and will impact her for the rest of her life.  I definitely want her to continue with coaching.  I see the difference in her trying to be organized and proactive in her education.  I see her wanting to socialize more.  I think she definitely tries to talk to you about how to work things out and make better decisions….You are able to make her think in a way to do these things.” Parent of a Coaching Client.

How it works:

Positive Goals TeenCoaching sessions are 55 minutes each and can be held in person, by phone, or via skype.  As a coach, I am a facilitator of the teenagers’ needs and desires for each session.  I provide the support to achieve long-term goals by holding them accountable to “life-work” (weekly action items and exercises) but also remain flexible enough to address areas of concern or challenges occurring in their daily lives.

Common coaching topics

  • Stress and Academic Pressure
  • Confusion about Direction and Future
  • Sex, Dating, and the Hooking Up Culture of Girls
  • Parent/Teen Communication
  • Managing Technology and Social Media
  • Decision making and peer pressure (drugs, alcohol, etc)
  • Girl Drama and Friendship Challenges
  • Body Image and Self-Acceptance
  • And much, much more!



Contact me for a free, 20 min consultation to determine if coaching is a good fit for your teenager.