“She was great and she has a lovely character. She help (sic) me go through plenty of things.”

 “She is caring and nice person. She cares about your future and goals.

Workshop testimonial

“I learned so much! I will absolutely make different and better choices now and in the future. Continue to inspire young girls, you’re good at it!” – Kiara S. Workshop testimonial

“I feel like she was telling me things my mom would want to say. I have a better understanding of waiting and having boundaries. I now know to wait as much as possible when it comes to boys.” Workshop testimonial

“I loved the presentation!” And now I know that you don’t have to give your body away until you know its right. At first it felt awkward but I knew this subject is important. We are women and we need to be respected!” Workshop testimonial

Mrs. Bell coached me. She was always excited to see me and paid attention to what I wanted to talk about.. She allowed me to be transparent and open about my concerns. She was supportive and approachable. Her questions helped guide me and she always listened during our sessions which encouraged me to continue because she was being such a good listener. I was really happy with our sessions.

1) I was willing to work with you because I know that you are a smart and trustworthy woman, especially because you have been a friend to my family for so long. I was very happy in my decision.

2) I was interested from the beginning.

3) I did feel much less stressed after talking and working with you; it was so nice! I also felt less alone.

4) This was more intimate. Less about digging up old feelings and using psychological methods and more focused on getting to know the actual person attached to the problems.

5) The one-on-one closeness and just how much I can tell you actually care.

6) Yes I definitely would!

7) I don’t really think anything needed to be changed. I enjoyed it!

-Sydney P


Coaching testimonial