But there’s just one problem


As a parent, I often wonder about these same questions. Our girls also suffer from impostor syndrome. Unfortunately, if it goes unchecked it will follow them into adulthood.

I’m Tahira Bell, a Life Coach for teen girls. This journey started for me when I was a high school teacher and saw a need for something outside of the biology curriculum. It was then I realized that I was more passionate about helping my students with what was going on in their lives outside of school than the actual subject I was responsible for teaching. I connected with the students on a deeper level and often spent time during lunch, before, and after school being a listening ear and giving advice. After getting married and starting a family, I left the teaching profession. I felt like something was missing, and that’s when I began facilitating workshops and live events for teen girls.

My career was born.

I quickly became a leader, influencer and expert within the youth coaching community. Aside from my time in the classroom, I have over 15 years experience mentoring girls. I am passionate about helping teen girls with hidden leadership capabilities. I believe that with reassurance, guidance, and a listening ear, our girls can surpass any dream we have for them. They just have to learn how to give a voice to dreams of their own.

She needs confidence.
Yes, that’s a very simple answer, but the solution is complex.
Confidence is something a lot of people pretend to have, but many do not actually have true confidence.
It’s time for your daughter to radiate the true confidence that comes from within.
Confidence is a muscle that you have to work out, and I’m here to help your daughter learn how to build her confidence muscles in the way that makes the most sense for HER.

Week 1: What is confidence?

We begin by exploring the true meaning of confidence and showing why it’s so important so that your daughter can throw away the definition that’s been given to her by the media and her peers. The different types of confidence will be discussed and we will begin working on building healthy confidence.

Week 2,3: Know Yourself

Discovering the beauty of what makes her unique so that she can embrace it and use the confidence-building tips that work for her. In a world where conformity is encouraged, she will be taught to understand her personality type and use it to her advantage.

Week 4: Discover Your Passions

Creativity is important. This week, she will use it to find her inner beauty and create personal mantra. Trusting her intuition is a key part of the creative process. She will not only learn different forms of expression, but she will learn to cultivate and trust her own inner voice.

Week 5: Calm, Cool, and Collected

Handling social situations can be terrifying for some young ladies. She will learn healthy conflict resolution skills so that she has tools and strategies to help keep her from being intimidated or pressured into undesirable behavior that could have lasting consequences. Your daughter will learn how to notice and manage her thoughts, body language, and actions.

Week 6: Protect Yourself

This week is all about personal boundaries and adopting an attitude for success so that she can teach others how to treat her. When you set your expectations high and treat yourself with a certain level of care, others follow suit.  Your daughter will explore what this means for her based on her values.

Week 7, 8: Intro to Emotional Intelligence

    She will learn basic emotional intelligence principles so that she can “be smarter with her feelings.” She will learn how to manage her mindset and begin noticing the way her thought patterns are influenced by her feelings. 

Week 9, 10: Stand Up and Shine

This week will push your daughter to tap into her leadership skills so that she can have the confidence to follow her dreams.

Conquering Confidence is a group coaching program that sets the foundation for your daughter’s personal development.  

This 10-week, live, online experience includes:

– Weekly video trainings sent via email plus “lifework.”

– Weekly 1- hour group coaching calls via Zoom to ask questions, connect with like-minded peers, and dive deeper into the weekly topic.

– Unlimited email access to send me private messages, if needed, and/or to get additional support.

– Support from peers with similar goals. There’s nothing like having a strong support system that includes others on a similar path. These are the kind of girls you will want your daughter to hang around.

– Group chat support and accountability via text, if you choose.

Happy Teen Girls



That ushers teen girls into a new and confident way of being:
Even if she is shy,
Even if you feel like the communication between the two of you is breaking down,
Even if you’re worried about her current group of friends,
Even if she has a ton of personality, but a false sense of confidence.

You know that she makes mostly good decisions and that she could even be a leader among her peers.
Your daughter can be the young lady that she’s destined to be and connect with her potential and define success on her own terms.
I am here to  support her taking a big step in her journey to becoming a confident young woman.


There are other books and programs out there. Why should I trust you to coach my daughter?

  of sin tYes, there are a lot of resources out there.
But here you are. You’ve made it this far, so something in you believes that coaching can be powerful.
As your daughter gets to know me,  you’ll learn that I’m a nurturer, it’s in my nature. I’m a former teacher, so I know what’s going on in schools and I know the kind of trials your daughter faces on a daily basis.
I don’t belittle her issues. Although you and I know that there are greater trials along this journey of life, your teen has real obstacles in her life that need to be navigated in a way that is authentic to her.
I create a safe space for teens to open up and she will love the fact that I don’t freak out about the information she shares with me.
Although, I’m an adult, I’m not her parent. So I don’t tell her what to do. I help her explore her options and then figure out the potential benefits or consequences of her decisions. She can figure out what to do, it just takes confidence to make the right decisions for herself.  This is why confidence is important, and ultimately, she is in charge of her own transformation.

Still on the fence?

This program is hands on while giving your daughter the time and space that she needs to process and implement the tools given to her.
Your daughter will be held accountable not just by you and me, but her peers as well.
This program will help your daughter overcome issues like social awkwardness and learn how to reflect on the vibe she gives off so that she can be more intentional about showing up in a way that makes sense to her.
You don’t have to buy her books she may or may not read or enroll her into a class you’re unsure about.
Because this program is online, she will be able to access program materials from anywhere.


There is a 7-day money back guarantee! If you want your daughter out of the program, simply let my team know within 7 days of the program start date and you will get a full refund.



Yes! This program is absolutely for her. This isn’t a “Scared Straight” or “Iyanla Fix My Life” type of program. This experience is for teens, often who are considered “overachievers” in some area of her life, but who is also in need of that extra boost of confidence. My specialty is working with girls who have an overflowing amount of potential that they just don’t see….yet!


I cannot promise huge changes in your daughter’s behavior. She has to be willing to put in the work and open to the process. Also, let’s be honest, teens don’t like to say, “You’re right.”  A lot of the changes you will see in your daughter will be so subtle that she won’t even notice right away.  But once she does, she will look back and see how far she’s come. She will credit herself for the changes that she’s made because of this program. I don’t mind that at all and she should, because she will be the one putting in the work.

 Your daughter will be given the permission and confidence to be the best version of herself. Even if she doesn’t use what she’s learned during the ten weeks, she will never forget this experience and will have the tools and strategies to use when the time is right for her.


That depends.  One-on-one coaching options with me (or a coach on my team) are available for an additional investment, just ask!


I’ll do my part to avoid this and it hasn’t happened before, but if your daughter isn’t comfortable with me and not willing to participate after the first 7 days, just send us an email and we will refund your full investment.  Your request must be made within 7 days of the program start date.

I know you love your daughter, even when things can be frustrating.
You worry about her future.
What is her lack of confidence costing her?
YOU can help her and give her what she needs by enrolling her into this program.
Think about the phone that you’ve purchased her, the laptop, the tablet, and so much MORE.
Now, compare it to the cost of Conquering Confidence.
This investment in her potential will give you one of the greatest returns.


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